Panchamrit /panchamrut as the name signifies is a holy mixture of 5 super ingredients which have been used since ancient times. These super ingredients can also be termed as Super foods which have immense nutritional and medicinal values – no wonder that our ancestors used these 5 ingredients to prepare this mixture which have been used during different religious rituals. According to the epic Mahabharath – Panchamrut emerged during the Samudra manthan(churning of ocean). Pancha means – Five & Amrit means “nectar of immortality, ambrosia, beverage of the gods ” Hence Panchamrut is used during pooja /worship as an offering to God and then distributed as prasad or used to perform Abhisheka i.e anointment or bathing the idols using these five sacred ingredients one by one by pouring it on the statue/statues.

This post is to create awareness for the younger generation of our GSB community on the importance and significance of our culture and tradition and the uses and preparation of panchamrut. The preparation may vary slightly from region to region. This is how we in our community prepare this.

The five ingredients used are :

  1. Milk(raw)
  2. Curd
  3. Ghee
  4. Honey
  5. Sugar

The Panchamrut is prepared by mixing the above ingredients in the same order as mentioned …while performing “Abhisheka” ..the amount of each ingredient should be taken in equal quantity and poured over the statue one by one. If not for libation – it is offered during pooja as instructed by the family priest.

Below picture is of the mixture just after the Abhisheka was performed during Krishnashtami.

Once the Abhisheka is completed…the concotion is transferred to a separate bowl and is stirred properly so that all the ingredients mix well …. once all the pooja vidhaan is completed but before partaking of food – the panchamrut is distributed to all family members/invitees. We can add a little milk in case it gets too thick and dilute it before distributing.

All the ingredients required for the panchamrut should be freshly bought i.e either should be a new pack or the one which we don’t use on regular day to day basis( not from household grocery stock) So make sure and take care to use them fresh and new as it is to be offered to Deity.

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