Bhootal / Jackfruit Rags Frys

                  Waste Not ! Want Not ! This principle is staunchly followed by GSB women ! So much so that Jack fruit rags / bhootal as we call it  in Konkani is not wasted but used to make a tasty snack ! Only the thorns of the jack fruit are thrown away !! you can use every part of it  and you can find the recipes for it too in this blog!
Requirements for this :- the rags of  raw jackfruit or bhootal/bhooth as you can see in the pic below ! Collect them as fresh as you can .You may refrigerate but still use as early as possible !

Method :-

  • Clean the rags & add salt . Keep for an hour or so .
  • Squeeze out the water it has let . 
  • Deep fry till golden & crisp !

                                       Enjoy as snack or lunch !

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