Muga udda(beverage from Green gram for summers)

             Muga udda is a drink made from green gram.Earlier the packaged drinks were unheard of and such drinks were made in summer to cool the body and also served to guests.Green gram is a powerhouse of nutrition.It is high in protein,high in fibre ,aids good digestion and also provides cooling effect to the body.This drink made with green gram along with jaggery and cardomoms is  as refershing as it is healthy.My mother makes this in every summer and we enjoy this delicious and healthy drink.This drink is also available in small shops across South Canara though sadly this is almost forgotten now as the  demand is less now as younger generation prefer the packaged drink over this.Do try this delicious and healthy drink in summer .


  1. 250 grams of whole mung/green gram
  2. 200 grams of crushed jaggery(adjust more or less)
  3. 7-8 cardamom pods
Dry roast the mung in a pan till it gets a nice aroma and the colour changes as shown below.Takes about 8-10 minutes.
Cool and wash it well once .
Transfer the roasted mung to a mixie jar along with the jaggery and cardamoms
Pulse it once so that the mung is crushed
 Add water and grind to a smooth paste
Transfer to a wide bowl and add water to get a thin juice  consistency.Check for the sweetness and adjust jaggery as required.
You can also strain the juice at this stage
      Chill the juice for a while or serve as such …tastes equally delicious both ways.
Muga Udda
  1. Roast well to remove the rawness from mung.
  2. Some also add half cup of coconut while grinding,I have not added here,if you prefer you can add.
  3. This can be refrigerated for upto a day and can be served as and when required.

4 replies to “Muga udda(beverage from Green gram for summers)

  1. thanks for posting…. my Aai (grandmother) would make this…. reading the procedure brought back sweet memories of my childhood days in Kumta….


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