Saal ( Brined Raw Jackfruit )

             In South India, especially GSBs use jackfruit as a vegetable and fruit.As the crop is available for only  for 4 to 5 months in a year, brining is a traditional practice among Coastal Dakshina Karnataka and neighbouring states like Kerala. In the good old  days,during heavy monsoon,vegetables were not available.On such occasions, this  brined raw jackfruit was a sort of ,’ready-to-cook’ vegetable that was handy for the housewife. I think the lions share of the consumtion of brined jackfruits are from  GSBs.
There are certain guidelines for brining raw jack fruits. The jack fruit must be mature and freshly harvested. 
The carpels should be Off-white. If you keep it even for one day, it will start to ripen.So use as soon as you cut the raw jackfruit.
Smear your hands with oil and separate the carpels and remove the seeds.
Take care not to touch with the wet hands.

 Take a wide vessel add the bulbs & some salt in a jar layering them alternatively with the bulbs and salt . Cover it with a plate and keep a heavy object ( like a grinder stone ) so that the salt dissolves  and water  will be released quickly . On second day  mix the bulbs well and cover with a plate . Place the heavy object again. Continue this for two more days . On the 4th day drain the bulbs from the salty water . Wash them well in clean water many times . Finally squeeze out the water from the bulbs /saal.  Choose a jar and line it with salt at the bottom ..Add a layer of the bulbs , then more salt . & so on .Do not fill the jar to the brim as we need space for the water  which will be let out by the bulbs as they brine .After a week or so …you can add water to the brim. Close & store in a cool dry place . When you want to use it , Soak them first in water to remove the saltiness  .If  you add some pepper corns to this , it will help to keep away the fungus.

Lots of variety of preparations can be done with these. Like upkari, salla polo, ghassi, chips, etc. Don’t forget to soak them in water to remove excess salt before cooking.

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