Bamboo shoot tava fries (Bhajjil Kirlu)

                                      Kirlu / bamboo shoots are widely used in our Konkani cuisine.We have already published a detailed post regarding the brining method.Myself and my co-blogger friends have also added many recipes using bamboo shoots which can be found in Archives. Today am sharing a very simple and easy recipe using brined bamboo shoots.My friend and co-blogger Asha  has shared deep fried version whereas senior co-blogger Veena mai has already shared an instant dosa verison is in between the two… instant tava fry.So lets have a look at the recipe.
  1. Handful of brined kirlu (bamboo shoots)
  2. A tbsp of red chilli powder
  3. 3-4 tbsp of rice flour
  4. Oil as required (preferably coconut)
  • Immerse the brined bamboo shoots in plenty of water for 4-5 hours and wash it twice or thrice to remove excess salt.
  • Once the shoots have been washed and drained ..crush them well with a heavy object.
  • Add chilli powder and rice flour and mix well mashing the mixture so that everything binds well.
  • Heat a tava and place small portions of mixture on tava and slightly flatten them .
  • Drizzle oil on the sides and roast them on both sides till they are nice and crisp .
                            The yummy bamboo shoot tava fries are ready to be had as side dish along with lunch or dinner…goes well with curd rice as well.


  1. Immersing the brined shoots in water is very necessary to remove the excess salt.
  2. The recipe is very quick to make except for the immersing part.
  3. Amma used to immerse extra shoots in water while planning a curry so that the extras could be used for fries at dinner.
  4. If you leave it overnight in water it is better as more old the brined shoots – more the salt.
  5. My brined bamboo shoots are tiny ones which when crushed yields a small amount ..thats the reason I could bind it into a mixture.
  6. If your brined bamboo shoots are big in can crush them individually then add the chiili powder and flour and tava fry them as individual pieces. 

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