Kuvale Vodi

Kuvale vodis are another variety vodis that you can try out when there is ample sunshine – I have already given in detail about Gabbya vodis . You can similarly make Kuvale vodis which are equally tasty

I made these when I got a homegrown Kuvale and so the taste was very good ..Always use a fresh piece for making vodis .Do not used seeds .

Ingredients :-

  • Kuvale ( Ash Gourd) – 250gms
  • Udid dal – 1 cup
  • Hing  – 1/4 tsp
  • Green Chillies – 9 – 10 ( as per your spice level ) You can also use red chillies instead .
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

  1. Choose a fresh piece of Kuvale
  2. Wash and Peel the skin
  3. Grate the Kuvale fully after peeling the skin.
  4. Then either use a perforated bowl to collect the juice – or hang it tied in a cotton cloth to remove the juice.
  5. Remove all the water content by pressing hard , Don’t discard the juice but use it as a drink or for cooking dal or veggies
  6. Soak the urad dal for 2-3 hours.
  7. Wash and add the dal and chillies in a mixer , grind till smooth and fluffy like you grind for idli batter. add as much less water as possible. Refrigerate the batter till you are ready to use it.
  8. When the kuvale has fully drained off its water content – add it to the dal batter . add the hing also .
  9. Mix well. Now when you are ready to spread out the vodi batter. Add the salt now. Mix again. This green colour I got on account of the Kanthari/ Bird’s eye chillies that I used.
  10. Make small blobs of the batter with hands, or a spoon, on a piece of clean plastic sheet or cloth. Let them dry out in the sunshine.
  11. You can also spread on an oil greased steel plate – which I have found dries the vodis much faster.
  12. When the vodis have almost dried and you are able to remove them easily , Turn them over and keep out in the sun again ,
  13. Make sure the vodis have completely dried , Let them cool off for a day or two – before you store them in air tight containers .
  14. Take out required amount whenever needed and deep fry . Enjoy as a snack with tea , or at lunch . This tastes best when you have it with rice gruel / pejj along with a dollop of pure ghee !

Notes :-

  1. After grating – make sure you have removed the water content of the kuvale before adding to the batter – as otherwise it will turn watery.
  2. The udid batter should be fluffy just like idli batter.Grind with as little water as possible
  3. If you are spreading out on a thali – make sure it is greased – as otherwise you will have trouble removing the vodis . When greased – the vodis will come off easily .
  4. When using a cloth to spread – sprinkle some water on the vodis to loosen them off , Then keep out in the sun again to dry out well.
  5. Keep stored in a tight container .
  6. Use dry hands while taking out vodis to use .
  7. If you feel batter is a little too thin – you may add about 1 tbsp. of rice powder or better still one or two tbsp. of urid dal flour . This will thicken the batter to desired consistency

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