About Me

I am Usha Bhat – a homemaker with a loving and supportive husband and 2 young men as sons . As my hubby had a transferable job… We were always on the move to new cities and new cultures and even new cuisines. Liking some of the foods we included them too in our daily diet even though we basically being Gowda Saraswat Brahmins nothing more was satisfying than our daily dose of Dalithoy !!
Why this blog !
During my stay at all those different places, my passion for cooking was on the rise… but in those days the only options were cookbooks and TV shows . I tried all the recipes I could lay hands on and made them for my family . Thrilled by their appreciation I was spurred on & on…

With Facebook becoming popular and after I made many friends… I formed a food group – Konkani Khann Anik Jevan with like-minded friends who had a passion for cooking and an appetite for learning more dishes besides reviving our traditional GSB foods!! This has grown so quickly that we are flooded with posts every single day with the most delicious home cooked food !

As the numbers grew we were finding it difficult to keep track of all the dishes that were being posted day in and day out… hence the idea to keep all the food pics and their recipes in an easily accessible way to be recovered easily and tried out by others !! 🙂

Those interested in some live action can ask to join our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2konkanikhann

5 replies to “About Me

  1. Hi! I am a big fan of your blog. I am very happy that you will be posting videos soon. Waiting for them.The next generation will have a wonderful treasure. Thank you.


  2. Highy commendable work done by all the members and hats off to you, for starting and sharing such wonderful recipes!! Sharing is an emotion which is rare🙏🙏 love this blog, its my ready reckoner, sometimes im at a liss as to which one to try first😂. A big Thank You 🙏


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