Avallo Puddiigallein

                                 Gsb  women are adept at collecting  mangoes , gooseberries , lemon, Karambal ( starfruit) , bittergourd ,Hog plums ( Bimbul / Birmi karmbal )  when in season & pickle them so as to be enjoyed through out the year . Puddi gallelein  is a dry pickle which will keep for more than a year when stored well ..the longer it keeps the tastier it becomes ! the basic masala for all types of puddi gallelein is the same . there is slight variations for each vegetable though .
 Go through this step by step method to make the most delicious pickles which you & your  family will relish throughout the year5FB8B43A-6F09-4609-BCF9-30D3BAAA6735
 Ingredients for the basic masala ;
  • Red chilies – 20 – 22 as per taste
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp
  • Methi seeds  – 3/4 tbsp
Note ; the above amount is for half a kg of any variety to be pickled . Usually this can be prepared in larger quantities & used whenever needed . this acts as a preservative & gives added flavor  to the pickle
Method :-
  1.  Roast red chilies , mustard & methi separately .
  2. Grind in a sun – dried mixer jar to a  fine powder .
  3. Store in a dry glass bottle .
  4. Usually I powder  roasted mustard & methi  only & then add roasted red chilli powder whenever  I am making pickles .
                       Now you can collect the ingredients to be pickled .
First we shall make Avallo Puddiigallein . so of course we need fresh avallos / gooseberries . usually they are available at cheaper rates &  abundantly from the month of November . Choose good, fresh , blemish free  fruits . wash well ..  

 Ingredients ;
  1. Avallos – 1/2 kg 
  2. Masala   – recipe given above
  3. Hing – 1 tsp or more as per taste
  4. Gingelly oil – 4 tbsp  ( minimum)

Method ; – 

  1. Put them in a large vessel with boiling water & 1 tbsp of salt . boil for exactly 10 minutes if they are large ones and lesser time for the small ones.
2 . The avalos  should have just turned soft enough  so that one can easily  break them into segments and remove the seed within . NOTE- they should  be firm. 
 3 . Now spread them on a sheet & sun – dry them for a day or two . Time needed to sun- dry varies according to the heat at your place . If you have very hot sun , just a day under the sun will do . if not keep for drying one day  more !
4 . The sun-dried avalos will look like this  . they should be dry but not hard . if they are hard . your pickle will not be soft  ( mellsunn ) .
Put them in a kadai with a tbsp of oil & stir fry them for a minute . .Remember this is to remove any extra moisture & not to roast them . See that they do not harden . 
Use only dry vessels , spoons & hands while handling 
5 .As I said I make the pickle masala with only mustard seeds & methi . .I add roasted chilli powder when required . Another way is to roast the chilli powder .you have to do this carefully so as not to burn it . Heat about 3 tbsps of Gingelly oil . switch off flame . then add about 50 gms of chilli powder ( I make them spicy ..if you want you can lessen as per your taste )  & 1 tsp hing – into the oil . & stir quickly so that it gets roasted . you can judge by the aroma that it has roasted well ! Add little salt . remember You have already added salt to the avallos so add accordingly . Add the avallos too
6 .With a dry spoon mix them well so that the avallos are coated well with the masala
7.Heat a kadai & add 3tbsps or more of gingelly oil . heat to smoking point . then switch off gas .
8. When the oil has cooled well add it to the  avallos . mix well . & transfer to a  glass bottle . alternatively , you can fill the avallos mixture in a sun-dried glass bottle or chinaware bharini . and then add the oil .  seal well & keep it for a minimum 10 days . Use a dry spoon while removing the pickle .
You can also do this without sun drying , After step – 2 Heat a kadai and add 3 tbsp s of oil , add the avalos .0385AE34-A317-4A3F-91A0-2281C2A952B8
Keep stirring gently so that they don’t burn nor break . continue sautéing until the sizzling sound has ceased and they are free of moisture .FEB323C1-DEAB-4C20-8000-E7BC4D44FD9B
Let it rest for a day and then continue with step – 5
            Note ;
  1. Always be sure that all items used are dry . Do not store in plastic containers .
  2. In case you have sundried it too hard – then sprinkle just very little  water and keep them overnight – then proceed to step 4 but now take care while roasting . use low flame and see that they don’t turn hard as well as they are free from moisture .

Same method to be used for soppur avallo / Star Gooseberry ..you need not remove seeds and dry using the second version

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