Gova kani godshe/Broken Wheat Payasu

                            Gova kano (broken wheat)  is very healthy with lots of fibre . The whole wheat is broken to form small grains which is useful to prepare many variety of dishes.There are again many forms of broken wheat I have heard like medium, fine, thick etc but I have used what is available at my place to prepare this delicious sweet with jaggery which is not only tasty but healthy too.

gova kani godshe


  • 3/4 cup broken wheat
  • 1/4 kg jaggery (more or less depending upon your taste)
  • Coconut gratings of 1 medium sized coconut
  • 7-8 pods of cardamoms
  • Raisins and cashew nuts as required
  •  A tbsp of ghee
  1. Wash and soak the broken wheat for 15- 20 minutes.
  2. Drain the water and add double the amount of water as that of broken wheat and pressure cook it for 2-3 whistles.
  3. It doubles in the volume after cooking and looks like in the picture below                                  
  4. Add water and cardamoms to the coconut and grind to a smooth paste to extract the thick milk. Strain and remove to a bowl.
  5. Transfer the coconut again to the mixer jar and grind again with water to extract the thin milk. Strain and remove to another bowl.
  6. Crush the jaggery and add a bit of water and heat till all the jaggery is dissolved to form syrup.         
  7. Now add the pressure cooked broken wheat and stir so that everything mixes well and any jaggery pieces remaining is melted completely.                        
  8. Then add the thin coconut milk and mix gently and allow it boil for few minutes                      
  9. The broken wheat will be puffed up by now,at this stage add thick coconut milk and stir gently.
  10. Switch off the heat just after one boil .
  11. Fry the raisins and cashew nuts in ghee and add it to the payasu and relish this yummy dessert guilt free.
  1. The jaggery I  use does not have any impurities and so I do not strain it.
  2. Instead of melting the jaggery ,you can grate the jaggery and add it to the broken wheat directly along with cardamom powder and boil it till the jaggery dissolves completely and then proceed further .
  3. The payasu thickens after a couple of hours ,so do not worry if its watery when preparing.
  4. The colour of the dish largely depends on the colour of the jaggery .here’s a recent picture of the dish which has got a nice bright colour(,it was a late evening click )

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