Nimbiya Solla Edigai

     Another Waste to Best gem of an example is the used lemon rinds pickle ( nimbuvya solla edigai) .Not many know that  used lemon rinds   which are usually thrown off  can actually be used to make a very tasty instant pickle .

Collect all lemon rinds as & when you get them in a glass bottle . Keep adding a pinch of salt with each rind . when You have collected enough rinds & when they have turned soft , you can make this instant pickle !the bright yellow rinds will have turned this colour & will be soft.
Cut these into two pieces . also chop 1 green chilli finely . grate or finely chop a one inch ginger piece .
Boil about 2 tbsp s of water , cool it & then add to the cut rinds . Add a tsp of roasted red chilli powder .
Add the chilli & ginger pieces & mix thoroughly . Check for salt . remember you had already salted the rinds . So add only if needed . Drizzle a tsp of raw coconut oil over the edigai .
Nimbuvya solla edigai
Your pickle is ready & can be enjoyed  with rice ,, idlis , dosas ,upma etc,

5 replies to “Nimbiya Solla Edigai

  1. Hi Roopa ! You can store the rinds for a long time .no need of refrigeration . But the edigai has to be made on need basis only . As I have shown make a small bowl at a time as much as needed for a meal; . if kept in fridge will last for 4-5 days !


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