Chakkulis – the name itself brings a smile to our lips when we remember our childhood days of gorging on these ..slipping them on our fingers like the celestial “Chakram” & all childhood pranks .A must for any festival especially Deepavali ..these can be easily made if you get the proportions right !
I have seen so many variety of recipes for the chakkuli… here is my unique one followed in my mothers family .Unlike others .this uses coconut ..that gives a  wonderful taste & crispness .
Ragi & rice Chakkulis 
Ingredients :-
  • Urad – 1 cup 
  • Rice flour – 3 cups 
  • Coconut – half of a medium one 
  • Red chillies –  15  or more as per taste 
  • Hing – 1/2  tsp 
  • Sesame seeds – white – 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Oil for greasing & 1 tbsp while kneading 
  • Oil to deep fry 

Method ; 

Roast on medium fire the urad  till golden brown . Let cool .
. Then  powder  in a mixer to a very fine powder.
Grind the coconut , haldi , red chillies to a very smooth thick paste using minimal water. Add to the urad powder.
 Now mix the paste & the urad powder. .Add the rice flour little by little to this mixture .-
 You can use the water used for rinsing  your mixer jar .Be careful with the water – add by sprinkling only . Add the salt , sesame seeds & hing to this .
Knead the dough well to make it soft and non -sticky .( almost like a chapati dough ) , add the oil & knead again.
Now grease your palms  with oil and pinch off  a small ball of the dough it in the Chakkuli maker  ( don’t forget to grease the insides with oil )
 Now press the chakkuli maker to see if you can press easily & that the dough is coming out smoothly & unbroken stream , If not – sprinkle some more water & soften dough .
Now make chakkulis on a plastic sheet . Make about 4-5 at a time . or as much as your kadai can hold at a time .
Now carefully slip them into the oil to deep fry .I use this perforated ladle to slip them into the oil .. will tip them carefully onto the ladle from the plastic sheet and then into the oil.
See that flame is on high when you drop them . them immediately turn to medium flame
After about 2 minutes flip them over carefully without breaking them ..wait until you are sure they wont break while flipping . Remove when the bubbles  in the oil have stopped & they have turned a lovely golden colour .
 Drain them & let cool .then transfer to air tight container .
           Follow same method for ragi Chakkulis  Replace  3 cups  of rice flour with   nearly 4 cups ragi powder!
These ragi  chakkullis too are very tasty .so try them out!

Note ;

  1. See that the dal has been powdered finely .
  2. The coconut paste should be very finely ground 
  3. Add water by sprinkling only as needed.

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