Kelya ( Mondan ,Plaintain ) Balukk

             Most of us get these plantains but not many  are aware that we can make very crispy chips with them. You just need a good slicer & you will be able to  enjoy these tasty chips . these are not so famous as the nedran chips ( Kerala chips ) but nevertheless as tasty!

  •  Raw Plantain of the mondann variety as fresh as you can get
  • 1/2 tsp salt dissolved in 1 tbsp water
  •  Oil for deep frying
Peel skin of the plantains . Wash well . Then  using a slicer make thin slices . the  slices should be slightly thicker than  the kerala chips or potato chips as seen in the pic below .
Now drop them in hot oil one by one so that they do not stick to each other & deep fry in medium heat
Add a tsp of the salted water  carefully  to the oil . Remove the chips when they have turned a nice golden brown colour and crisp!
When they have cooled slightly store in air tight container.Enjoy as a snack or with rice ! .

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