Ambo Puddigallein

                                 Summer is here & with it lots of mangoes – now is the right time to make ambo pudigallein  that can take you right through the whole year till next season ! Just follow the steps carefully so dat you can enjoy this pickle throughout  the year!

 Ingredients for the basic masala ;
  1. Red chilies – 20 – 22 as per taste
  2. Mustard seeds – 1 tbsp
  3. Methi seeds  – 3/4 tbsp

Note ; the above amount is for half a kg of any variety to be pickled . Usually this can be prepared in larger quantities & used whenever needed . this acts as a preservative & gives added flavor  to the pickle


  •  Roast red chilies , mustard & methi separately .
  • Grind in a sun – dried mixer jar to a  fine powder .
  • Store in a dry glass bottle .
  • Usually I powder  roasted mustard & methi  only & then add roasted red chilli powder whenever  I am making pickles .

Now collect fresh mature & firm raw mangoes !! see that they are blemish free . Wash well &  peel them . If the skin is very thin you may retain the skin. This was about 1/2 kg .

Now cut the mangoes into 1 inch uniform pieces . Apply salt & keep aside for a while .You may do this in the night too so that You can spread out the mango pieces in the morning early!
Add about 1 tbsp of salt and mix well . Spread to dry on a plastic sheet – under the sun for about 2 days . If its very hot 2 day of sun- drying should suffice ..otherwise  keep out for another day . When dry . they should look like in the pic below . remember the dried mango pieces  should NOT be hard but soft & dry to touch

It took me full 2 days of sun shine . to get the desired dryness , it being summer now  . The next day , added a tbsp of Gingelly oil in kadai & roasted the  driedmango pieces  for about 1minute . Remember this is to drive away any extra moisture & not to actually roast it . so see that  they don’t turn hard

As I said I make the pickle masala with only mustard seeds & methi . .I add roasted chilli powder when required . Another way is to roast the chilli powder .you have to do this carefully so as not to burn it . Heat about 3 tbsps of Gingelly oil . switch off flame . then add about 50 gms of chilli powder ( I make them spicy ..if you want you can lessen as per your taste )  & 1 tsp hing – into the oil . & stir quickly so that it gets roasted . you can judge by the aroma that it has roasted well !

Add a little salt ( remember you have already salted the mango )  and 1 tbsp of  the masala ( since I used 1/2 kg of mango ) . Mix all of them well to blend.

Now add the mango pieces  & mix all well so that they are completely & well coated with the masala .

Transfer to a sun dried glass bottle . heat  about 3 tbsps of gingelly oil to smoking point . let cool completely & pour into the bottle . your pickle will be ready in a week’s time . Enjoy with your meals !

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