Tila laddoo

                             Tila oondos/ laddoos are easy to make and such a healthy snack for kids & adults .You can make til oondos with white or black sesame seeds . White ones are usually made when one craves for a time pass snack/ sweet.  Black ones are usually made for Shrardh when we pay oblations to the departed souls . The making process is the same for both.

Ingredients ;
  • Til – 2 cups
  • Jaggery  grated  – 1 cup  ( get good quality panka godd  for this )
  • Ghee –  to apply on hands while binding
Method ;-
  1. Choose a heavy bottomed kadai or a non stick one for this 
  2. In a kadai  dry fry the til on medium fire ..till they pop and  splutter . Keep aside .                      
  3. In a thick bottomed kadai / pan pour 1/2 a cup of water & add the grated jaggery.  keep cooking & stirring the ‘panku’ till you get the the 2 string stage  as shown in the video below.
  4. If you cannot understand the 2 string stage ..you can add a drop or two in a small bowl of water , If it is the correct consistency – you can roll it into a ball in your hands .
  5. Now add the til .               
  6.  Continue stirring till it  all come together  like a single ball. Switch off now .                                 
  7. Grease your hands with ghee and start making ladoos as soon as you are able to bear the heat with your hands

Now treat your family to these delicious ladoos .


  1. The ladoos should be made as quickly as possible before the mixture turns hard .
  2. If you  have not finished  binding  & the mixture has turned hard .
  3. You may sprinkle a tsp  of water and lightly heat the mixture  .
  4. This will make the mixture  to loosen and you can  finish binding quickly .ONLY lightly heat – DO NOT overheat as it  may burn !

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