Dhuddiye Upkari

            Pumpkin / Dhuddhi is one of the widely grown vegetables that is incredibly rich in vital antioxidants, and vitamins. This humble backyard vegetable is less in calories but contains vitamin A, and  antioxidants .  We GSBs use this in so many varieties to get all the benefits & taste of this veggie. here is the most simplest recipe & tastiest one of pumpkin .As they in amchi konkani ..Dhuddhi khellari bhuddhi yetalli !!

Ingredients  :-

  • Mature / tender  Pumpkin – Chopped into medium size pieces – 2 cups 
  • Green Chilies – 2 – or as per your spice level 
  • Salt to taste 
  • Oil & mustard seeds – 1 tsp – for seasoning 

Method :-

  1. Heat kadai  and add 1  tbsp of oil . Splutter the  mustard seeds .
  2.  Add the pumpkin pieces  along with salt & a little water . Cover & cook on slow flame .
  3. Be careful while adding the water as pumpkin tends to leave water while cooking . so add only little . this will cook in its own juices & will be tastier this way .
  4. Cook the pumpkin till the pieces are cooked but still firm .!
  5. You may garnish with coconut .

Serve hot as a side dish with rice .  
Note ;-
You may retain the skin of pumpkin if it is tender . Just scrape  the skin & cut into pieces . You may remove the skin if it is too hard .

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