Kele Bhajjille – Kids Special

When I as a kid returned from school- hungry & tired – a nutritious snack would be waiting for me . Its aroma would fill the house and we would run to  wash and change so that we would be able to eat the delicacy – and that is – the Nenderbale kele bhajjille . Ripe or even over ripe  nenderbale kelas would be tawa fried with oodles of ghee & topped with sugar . Which kid can refuse  to eat this ??  So try out this as an evening snack or anytime snack !! Even kids can do this by themselves with adult supervision! 

 Ingredients :- 

  • Ripe (or even over ripe )  nenderbale kelas  ( popularly known as Kerala bananas ) – 2 
  • Ghee –  1 tbsp 
  •  sugar to garnish

Method :-

  1. Remove  the skin  & halve the bananas .
  2. Then slit them lengthwise into 2 or 3 slices .Arrange them in a pan or tawa . Keep gas on sim .
  3. Add the ghee over the pieces .let them fry to a golden brown .
  4. Then turn them  to fry on the other side . when they  are done , arrange the slices on a plate & drizzle sugar on top .

Enjoy this nutritious & filling treat while inhaling the heavenly aroma !
Note :-  Kids can take the help of adults for slicing the bananas !!

2 replies to “Kele Bhajjille – Kids Special

  1. Hi Ushaakka, I usually mix ground cinnamon with the sugar and sprinkle on the bananas. Along with the ghee flavor, that tastes delicious too


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