Losuney Taak

                          Taak is nothing but buttermilk in konkani.And losun is garlic.Buttermilk is a common drink in most of the households.It is had after a meal.Drinking it after a long hot day is a great way to combat dehyderation.It washes down fats  and helps calm the stomach after a spicy meal.

Normally people drink them plain by just diluting and adding salt,asafoetida or make it a spicy drink adding chillies coriander leaves and other spices.Here I have come with a different version made in konkani households.Lets know how to make it healthy with simple ingredients available at home.Hope all would love to try out and like this simple yet tasty refreshing drink.

  1. Thick curd or Diluted buttermilk – 500 ml
  2. Handful of Garlic pods – peel n clean the skin
  3. Ghee – 2 tsp
  4. water – 250 ml
  5. Salt as per taste
                      Whisk curd in a bowl ( can pulse it in mixer too).
        Add enough water as per the consistency required by you.
Heat ghee in a ladle and add the garlic pods full (no need to crush) and fry till brown
          Pour this seasoning on the whisked buttermilk,add salt to taste.
            Mix well and serve in individual glasses and relish the garlicky flavored drink.

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