Instant Ambiya Edigai

                              Summer is here with its heat & the only relief is the delicious raw & ripe Mangoes we get in this season ! Mango pickles are best made now & stocked up for the year ahead ! while I have given recipes for pickles that last long ! here is one you can make quickly & easily and still has an awesome taste !This is my amma’s signature dish and  everyone who tasted this would love it & would not leave without asking for the recipe !
                 So lets see how to make this quickie!

Ingredients :-

  • Raw mango – 1 large 
  • Salt – as per taste 
  • Chilli Powder – 50 gms – or more as per taste 
  • hing – 1/2 tsp
  • Mustard seeds & Methi (fenugreek ) seeds – 1 tsp each
  • Gingelly oil – 2 tbsp
  •  Mustard seeds & curry leaves for seasoning( optional -also can add 1/2 tsp Udid dal & 1/4th tsp methi seeds)

 Method :-

  1.  Peel  &  chop the  mango into tiny pieces . ( if the mango has a very thin skin – you may not peel but chop as such ).
  2. Add salt & mix well . keep closed for some time until the pieces have let off water.  If you are in a hurry you may proceed without waiting . but I recommend that you wait .
  3. Roast the mustard & methi seeds separately & powder them together  . Keep aside 
  4.  Now heat the oil ( use gingelly oil only for best results – do not use coconut oil ).
  5. Splutter mustard seeds . then add the curry leaves . switch off  the flame & add the chilli powder , be careful not to burn it . add the chilli powder   & the  hing too .
  6.  Now add the mango pieces and mix well . Cover & cook on a slow fire  for about 5 minutes . 
  7. Add the mustard – methi  powder & mix well ..cook for another 2 minutes and switch off flame.
  8.  Cool & transfer to a clean glass jar.
  9. You may start to use this right away . Keep  in fridge for longer shelf life!IMG_4676

Note :-Add chilli powder according to the sourness of the mango . its better to make it overly spicy  as the sourness will tend to lessen the spiciness on keeping  for some time !

This goes so well with curd rice !IMG_4747

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