Loshne chutney / Garlic chutney

                 Chutneys are an integral part of Indian cuisine.Every cuisine has their own versions of chutneys which can be used as a side dish with meals or as an accompaniments to breakfasts and snacks.Today am sharing one such easy and delicious chutney recipe with garlic which is prepared in almost all Konkani households.My mother in law prepares a dry version too which can be taken along for journeys.See” Notes ” for the dry version.


  • Coconut 1/2 cup
  • Red chillies 4-5 (I have used Byadgi chillies)
  • 10-12 cloves of garlic(slightly crushed)
  • Marble sized tamarind
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil as required

 1. Roast red chillies with few drops of oil and remove.

2. In the same pan add crushed garlic cloves and fry till golden. allow to cool.
3. Grind coconut,tamarind,red chillies,garlic cloves adding salt with little water to make a smooth paste.
4. The chutney should be like thick mass .
5. The delicious chutney is ready to be served as accompaniment to idli or dosas or as side dish with lunch or dinner or even with pej(rice gruel).
6. My friend cum co-blogger Priya suggests it with Appos(Paniyarams) too.Here I have served it with Mushti polo.
  1. Adjust the coconut ,chillies and garlic as per your requirement.
  2. I always use Bydagi variety chillies as it is less spicy and lends a lovely colour to the dish.
  3. You can also prepare a dry version of this chutney without using water and take it along for journeys as an accompaniment to rotis ,chapatties or idlies. The Ingredients used is same but you need to use a wet grinder for grinding and also gratings of a tleast 2 coconuts with chillies and garlic accordingly. Put all together along with crystal salt and grind in grinder till all blends well. No water is to be used while grinding.

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