Poddale beeye bajo

                Podale means snakegourd,Bee-(ye) means seed and Bajo means Fritters.Any type of fries are hot favourites of Konkanis.There are endless varieties of bajo’s,phodi’s and Ambado’s in Amchi Konkani cuisine.
        Today I would like to share a variety of bajo which is made with snake gourd seeds,which we usually discard while preparing sabji.This is a fried dish prepared with few ingredients which are always readily available in our kitchen.Once you try this recipe you will never throw away the seeds.Moreover no one can guess that this tasty fritter is made with the gourd seeds.So you can surprise your family members and guests.This can be had as a side dish with rice and any curry of ur choice.

Hope by now you are very eager to know the recipe,so here it is.

  1. Snake gourd seeds – 1 cup chopped (select tender seeds)
  2. Besan – 1 fist full
  3. Rice flour – 3/4 th fist
  4. Chilli powder – 2 tsp
  5. Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
  6. Hing – 1 tsp
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Oil for deep frying  ( can be shallow fried too)


Cut the snake gourd into halves and scoop out the seeds.Chop them and keep aside .
Now add one by one, the above mentioned ingredients except oil to the chopped seeds.
Mix this very well till the powders coats well to the seeds.Do not add water.As the seeds are tender they  have moisture and moreover the salt added tends to leave water.
Heat oil in a Kadai.Drop small quantity of the mixed batter in the hot oil and fry them on both sides till golden colour or the besan is cooked .
Remove it on a kitchen towel.
Serve hot as a side dish along with rice and any curry of your choice.

Always select tender snakegourd,otherwise the seeds will be mature and hard,which cannot be used for frying.
If you feel that the batter is dry and needs some water.Then just sprinkle very little water. If water quantity is more then the fries will be too oily.

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