Alva mande Pej Upkari

                         Alva mande means colocasia, is a seasonal root vegetable, Upkari means stir fry.Pej means normally it is referred to rice porridge. You may wonder to note the name of this recipe.But it is called so because this particular dish retains little thick gravy which looks like rice starch.This is an old recipe which is very simple and lip smacking with just 3 main ingredients.This is served with rice as a side dish.The garlic and chillies seasoning gives the wonderful flavor to curry.Those who are allergic to this veggie can try with potato too.

Ingredients :-

  1. Colocasia (alvamande) – 10-15 nos
  2. Garlic cloves – 8-10 nos peeled
  3. Red chillies – 3-4
  4. Salt to taste.


  • Wash alvamande twice or thrice to remove the mud stuck to the veggie.
  • In a cooker add enough water,drop the mandein it and cook for 4-5 whistle or till soft.
  • Now mash/crush 4-5 mandes with hand and remaining just cut uneven with a knife.
  • Now add this chopped mande in a pan.Add a cup of water and salt to it.Boil well,so that the water becomes thick coconut milk like gravy.
  • Heat a seasoning pan, fry garlic pods till brown add red chillies saute for a second.Pour this on the cooked mande and bring to boil for a minute.
  •  Pej upkari is ready to serve as a side dish with rice.


  1. On satvik days/non garlic lovers can season with hing and red chillies instead of garlic.
  2. Incase you are allergic to this veggie then it can be substituted with potato.But the seasoning is with mustard,hing and red chillies.

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