Kelya Modoku

                              Kelya Modoku is a very popular snack among the GSBs of Kochi, Kerala and around it !! Also made as Nivedu for many rituals /poojas , this is very easy & quick to make ! even when you have a lot of over ripe bananas  you can prepare this & make your kids & family happy with a delicious & healthy snack !  Ingredients :- 

  • Wheat flour/atta – 1cup
  • Rice flour – 1/4 cup
  • Grated coconut – 1 cup
  • Sugar / jaggery – as per choice and sweetness required
  • Very ripe bananas (  Mysore kele or other yellow ones  ) – 3 to 4
  • Salt – a pinch

 Method :-

  1. Mash  the bananas well ..then add all the other ingredients . mix well  to make a soft dough .
  2. See that the dough is softer & wetter than a chapati dough ..but should not be too watery . add more flour to thicken it .
  3. Heat oil in a kadai & drop small balls or pinches of the dough into the oil and deep fry  till  golden brown .
  4. Keep the flame on medium so that  the insides too cook well and the outside is crisp .
  5. Remove and serve .

Note :- 

    1. There are many variations to this as each family follows the traditional methods in their family .
    2. some usually make with just atta and bananas, pinch of salt  . and do not add sugar or jaggery .
    3. Some add cardamom too for added flavour .
    4. usually we add rice flour while making it as nivedhu/prasad.

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