Venti Gashi (Version – 2)

                            Venti means  stem . Here in this recipe stems of colacassia/alva/pathrada paan is combined along with elephant foot yam stem and Amaranth greens stem.This is also a traditional dish prepared on Vayana Pooja .This is a coconut based curry which can be had along with rice or as a side dish.
                We GSB community use all the seasonal veggie in our festival food.As Vayana pooja comes during the monsoon season we can see lots of colocassia plants grown in barren land.As colocassia tends to give an itch  , hog plum/bimbul or tamarind is used to control the itching.Lets check for the recipe.


  1. Venti of colocassia,surnu and bhajji dhentu – 2 cups ( skin removed and chopped 1 cm  in length)
  2. Hog plums  – 2 nos
  3. Coconut grated  –  1 cup
  4. Roasted red chillies –  3 to 4
  5. Salt to taste

For seasoning:-

  1. Mustard – 1tsp-
  2. Curry leaves – 1sprig
  3. Oil – 1 tsp


Clean the ventis by removing the outer skin and cut into 1 cm length pieces
  • Cook the ventis along with hog plum,salt and water till soft and done
  • Grind coconut and roasted red chillies to a fine paste and add this to the cooked venti and bring to a boil
  • In a seasoning pan prepare seasoning with oil,mustard and curry leaves in it.
  • Pour this on the boiling curry and switch off the gas.
  • Curry is ready to serve along with the rice/kalvani or as a side dish


  1. If hogplum/ambado is not available bimbul can be used.
  2. If tamarind is used then grind it along with the coconut and red chillies
  3. Itching of the venti varies- so  increase the quantity of hogplum accordingly

2 replies to “Venti Gashi (Version – 2)

  1. Superb
    I have prepared it several times and its my favourite dish but ….I season it with Garlic . Venti Bhendi.
    Thank u


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