Nanchono Kedayilele

                      ‘Nanchano’ or ragi is one of the most nutritious and healthy cereal!!  Its best for people of all age groups especially infants and kids. Nanchano kedayilele is in fact  good as an evening snack for school going kids  to get refreshed from a whole tiresome day . Ragi combined with coconut and jaggery makes it a yum dish which would be loved by them.It can be served as a substitute for payasu here’s the recipe –


  • Ragi     – 3/4 cup
  • Grated coconut    – 3/4 cup
  • Jaggery  (grated ) – 1/2 cup or little more accordingly
  • Cardamom – 2-3 nos

Method :-

    1. Wash and grind ragi along with coconut to a smooth paste .
    2. If you prefer you can strain this mixture to remove the husk of the ragi if any.
    3. Now melt the jaggery and remove the impurities if any .
    4. Mix melted jaggery to the ragi – coconut mixture.
    5. Now add 1 cup water to this  and boil stirring continuously till it becomes a bit thick .
    6. Turn off ,and sprinkle cardamom powder on top.
The tasty and yum sweet dish is ready .

Notes :-

  1. Straining the ragi coconut mix is purely optional .You can avoid this and proceed further.
  2. Melting the jaggery is also optional .If you get good quality jaggery you can  add it directly to the ragi coconut mix. In that case increase the amount of water .
  3. The consistency too depends on your choice .
  4. Make it bit watery and refrigerate the dish for a few hours and you can enjoy as a lovely cool refreshing drink too  in the summer..
  5. You can also garnish with cashew bits and kishmish.       –

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