Kappya Seer ( Tapioca Chips )

            Kappa / Badikanang  as tapioca is called in our Konkani language can be used to make very tasty & crisp wafers or seer . This will be a healthier option than the current craze for packed potato wafers !
            Choose very fresh tapioca for making these chips .Also you can store these when available cheap & in season  as a ready to fry snack . So let’s proceed with the recipe .
Ingredients :- 
  • Kappa / Badi kanang – 1/2 kg
  • Salt to taste
  • Chilli powder – as per your spice level
  • Oil for deep frying

Method :- 

  1. Remove the brown outer skin and the pinkish inner skin of the Tapioca
  2. Cut into medium sized roundels . Add them in boiling water with a little salt or pressure cook for one whistle .
  3. They should be half-cooked . Do not over cook them . they should only be soft enough to be able to be sliced neatly .
4. Now slice them neatly into  slices which are a little on the thicker side .

5. If you have got a lot of tapioca , you may cook & slice this way and then dry them in the sun for 3-4 days until they are completely dry . Then store them in air tight containers to be used when needed .

6. If you are  having a small quantity – you may proceed directly to deep frying them .

.7. Drop these slices in hot oil and fry till the bubbles have subsided and the chips have turned golden brown slightly . Remove in to a colander  and let the oil drain .

8. Now mix salt and chilli powders and drizzle over the still hot chips and mix well by tossing them, so that they are well coated .

Now transfer to air tight container when cooled,

Enjoy as a snack with tea or just munch when you feel so !
Note :-
  1. Remember that you had already added a little salt while cooking, so keep in mind when adding salt later .
  2. The sun dried ones keep for a long time when stored carefully . So is a great help when you need a quick snack or when you are short of side dishes .

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