Godda Kapi (version -2)

                    Godda Kapi is a traditional beverage prepared with freshly brewed coffee with jaggery made of sugarcane.Here we use the moulded jaggery which is called Chitta Godd.We add hot milk to this that gives a blend of goodness of milk.It is referred as kapi and not coffee.
                     I was introduced to this kapi after my marriage at my In-laws house.I am not a strong coffee lover so I just love the flavour of this jaggery coffee which is not strong like the decoction/filter coffee.This coffee needs very little milk. This kapi is normally served in Lotto or donno,that is how the container is referred.
                          On a humourous note godda kapi is referred as “Tholkal” which means cattle feed, due to the liquid consistency of the kapi.
            Believe me this kapi is so refreshing and better in terms of health than sugar flavoured one.Nowadays people rarely prepare this.As people have switched from this kapi to the filter coffee, our new generation kids  are not aware of its existence.But whenever my relatives or friends visit me they request me for a donno of this godda kapi where they feel nostaligic about their childhood.


  1. Water- 1/2 ltr
  2. Moulded Jaggery – 1 or 2 pieces (according to the sweetness desired)
  3. Coffee powder – 2 tsp (roasted n ground)
  4. Milk – 1 tbsp per cup ( as per your desire)


  1. Boil water along with the moulded  jaggery pieces until the jaggery melts and the water bubbles
  2. Now simmer the gas and add 2 tsp coffee powder.Let it boil for 5-7 mnts.
  3. Switch of the gas,close lid and keep it undisturbed for 5 minutes.
  4. Strain it and mix with 2 tsp or a tbsp of milk.
  5. Serve hot with breakfast or with teatime snacks.


  1. Do not use instant coffee powder
  2. Use only moulded jaggery .  Round jaggery/Anta godd (used to make sweets) is not recommended for this kapi
  3. Do not add coffee powder before the arrival of bubbles
  4. Do keep gas in simmer while adding coffee powder as it may overflow from the vessel and mess your gas stove.
  5. All the mentioned ingredients can be adjusted in measurement as per your taste.

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