Kelya Harshale (dry version)

                  Harshale is a a traditional dessert of Konkanis. Normally it is prepared with coconut milk. There are various combinations of harshale prepared with either poha, tender coconut, coconut milk and also with musk melon/ Chibbad.

            Today I am sharing with you all, a dry version of harshale usually prepared as a prasad on Chudi Pooja in the month of Shravana. Every fridays and sundays in shravan month sumangali’s of GSB community (Mangalore side) perform chudi pooja worshipping Sun God and  Divine Tulsi plant. For more details on Tulsi pooja refer here. During this pooja we prepare traditional sweet dishes as prasad or keep some fruits.
                    My amma used to prepare this kelya harshale on one of the days when performing this pooja. It is not that this should be prepared only on pooja days, but it can also be prepared as a evening snack for kids or as a mid-morning snack ! To make this delicious harshale you can use any variety of banana like kadali, rasbale/rasthali, yelakki, robosta varieties, jnalipoovan, poovan, mysore bale etc. Let us check for the ingredients. Here I am not giving any measurements as individuals taste differ between sweetness and coconut

Ingredients :-

  • Banana – chopped into roundels
  • Coconut – grated
  • Almaonds – chopped
  • Cashew – chopped
  • Raisins
  • Cardamom – powdered
  • Sugar as per taste (can substitute with honey too)


  1. Get ready the ingredients 
  2. Mix grated coconut,  sugar, cardamom powder and the variety chopped nuts.
  3. Combine this with the chopped banana so that each pieces are coated well with the coconut gratings.
  4. If using honey drizzle honey while serving.
  5. Serve at room temperature or chilled.

Harshale with dates, tuttifrutti and drizzled with honey

  1. Serve immediately or within 10 minutes of mixing as the sugar may leave its moisture and you will loose the crunchiness.
  2. Keeping this out for hours may spoil the dish as the coconuts are added raw without cooking.
  3. You can refrigerate  for a day. Retaining for more than a day may change the taste.
  4. You can also add chopped dates, Tuttifrutti ,melon seeds etc to attract kids when served as a snack/dessert to them.

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