Madgane …version 2 (using rava for Alavan)

                            Madgane is a very traditional dessert made from chana dal for our New year which we call as Ugadi / Samsar Padvo. You can know more about this festival in our festive series Here. My senior friend and co- blogger Shobana mai has already shared her version which can be found in the “Konkani Sweets ” Archive. My version is a bit different with rava so thought of sharing this too. Though this is usually prepared on Ugadi in South Canara ,there is no rule that it can’t be prepared on other days. Many prefer to have it prepared for functions too .Hope you try and enjoy this version of Madgane.


  • 250 grams( 1/4 th kg of chanadal)
  • A bit less than 1/2 cup of rice rava (also called idli rava) * Check Notes 
  • 250 grams of crushed jaggery or as required (adjust accordingly to taste)
  • A cup each of thick and thin milk of coconut (for detailed procedure check here )
  • Tender cashews(bibbo) a handful either fresh or dry ones(if using dry ones soak for half an hour and peel them).
  • A tbsp or two of ghee
  • Cashewnuts
  1. Soak Chana dal for 1-2 hours after washing thoroughly.
  2. Pressure cook the chana dal and cashews for 3-4 whistles. Take care to see that the dal must be nicely cooked but retain its shape too.(The dal when pressed between two fingers should easily mash but hold its shape when we touch).
  3. Add crushed jaggery to the dal while it is still hot so that it melts and blends well .
  4. Soak the rava for 10-15 minutes ,add double the water and place it on medium heat,when it starts bubbling and gets thick add the thin coconut milk and let it cook for few minutes.
  5. Now add the cooked dal, jaggery and tender cashews ,stir and mix well so that all comes together, check for sweetness and add more crushed jaggery if required.
  6. Once this comes to a boil add the thick milk and gently simmer for few minutes , and switch off.
  7. Garnish with fried cashewnuts in ghee.
         Below is the pictorial of various stages while making Madgane

Serve hot, warm or at room temperature. tastes delicious  when chilled too.

  1. As I always use the same brand of jaggery and have found it to be without impurities I have used it directly. You can use the way you prefer.
  2. The quantity of rava depends on the consistency you you can increase or decrease the quantity a bit as per your liking.
  3. I use cardamom pods while extracting the milk itself so I have not added it separately.
  4. For garnishing I have used the dry tender cashews .- you can use the regular ones too.
  5. Alavan is a term used to describe a method in Konkani where a thickening agent is used and stirred till it is thickened. In olden days rice would be soaked ,dried on a muslin cloth for a day and then ground to a rava consistency along with turmeric pods or turmeric powder  and this paste would be then stirred till it thickened and cooked .
  6. Now a days as the rava is easily available and convenient to use most of them use it.. Though I have heard from my friends that the ground version is also still followed.
  7. I have not added turmeric as I love the colour the jaggery and dal bring together.
  8. Many have the habit of roasting chana dal before soaking and pressure cooking , I have not roasted .,You can roast if you prefer – for a few minutes.

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