Gudugo/ Jeev Kadgi Balukk

                  We had a breadfruit  ( gudugo / jeev kadgi  ) tree in our backyard when we were at Thrissur ! So when it was season most of the days we had gudugo / jeev kadgi in one form or other ! you will find many recipes of the  dishes in this blog . The most favourite & most in demand was of course the chips/balukk made from the mature fruits ! Since this is easily made -I used to make this in large quantities even using up to 5 large ones and they used to be really gigantic ones . Stored in an air tight containers – they would remain crisp though they never used to last long because of my two sons who loved to eat them with every single meal 😋😋. so let’s see this very simple recipe that’s if you can call it one 😉😊
Ingredients :-
  • Mature Breadfruit
  • Salt to taste
  • Chilli powder – to taste – optional
  • Oil for deep frying

Method :-

  1. Wash and cut it along the centre and then halve it .
  2. Peel the breadfruit  ( if you take slightly thick peels – you can make an upkari with it ).
  3. Remove the thick central core  and wash again .
  4. Using a slicer make thin slices just as you slice a potato
5.When your slices are ready heat the oil . Drop the slices in hot oil .
6.Take care that the slices are separate and are not sticking to each other.
7.Fry them on medium heat until they are a golden brown and have turned crisp.
8.Remove & let the oil drain off .
9.Mix  the salt & chilli powder and drizzle over the slices when they are still hot .
10.Store them in air tight containers when a little cooler .

Note :- 

  1. You may add the salt while frying also and later add the chilli powder .
  2. If you are adding the salt while frying – mix it in a 2 tbsp s of water & sprinkle a few drops when the chips are half done .

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