Ponsa Gharai with rulav (version 2)

                                     Rulav in konkani means rava and godshe is kheer or payasam.This recipe is very simple yet delicious.It requires very less time and does not need any special ingredients.Rava  is  stocked in almost every household for making upma and hence we need not plan in advance to prepare this.
Rava/sooji rava gets cooked easily in less time and also has the tendency to thicken in minutes.So while making this godshe we need some extra milk to dilute the godshe as it  gets thick while serving.(read notes given below).
Today I am sharing with you this special recipe where jackfruit is also added to this rava godshe.During jackfruit season, We GSB community make variety of dishes.This payasam is specially prepared in our temple functions.Here we can use sooji rava or broken wheat  rava (govaan kanu) also.Here is the recipe for you.this can be made without adding jackfruit too.


  • White Rava/Sooji Rava – 1/4 th cup
  • Jaggery-1/2 cup
  • Matured jackfruit bulbs – 8 nos (seed removed)
  • Coconut grated – 1 and 1/2 cups grind and make 1 cup thick and 2 cups diluted coconut milk
  • Cashew bits – 10 to 12 nos
  • Elaichi powder – 1 tsp
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp


  1. Heat a kadai  with ghee – add cashew bits and roast till they turn brown. Remove and keep aside. To the same pan add rava and roast till a good aroma comes out. Do not  roast till they change the colour. Switch off gas.
  2. Grind coconut with 1 cup water to a fine paste. Strain this through a strainer, squeeze and collect thick coconut milk. keep this aside.You may get 3/4th – 1 cup of thick milk.
  3. Again put the squeezed coconut remains and add 1 cup water, grind again for 2 minutes. Strain it and collect the second extract milk which is little diluted than the first.
  4. Similarly continue the same method to collect the 3rd extract milk which is more diluted in texture. Keep all the 3 extracts separately.
  5. In a thick bottom pan add the jackfruit bulbs (remove the seeds and thick white coloured skin) and enough water. Cook this till the jackfruit is tender and soft.
  6. Now add third extract of the coconut milk and bring to boil. To this add the roasted rava, mix well so that no lumps are formed. continue cooking this mixture till the rava is cooked. Add Powdered jaggery and second extract of the coconut milk, keep stirring till the jaggery is completely dissolved and gets along with the rava. At this stage you can see the mixture boiling and bubbles appear in the centre.
  7.  Now include the first extract of the coconut milk and allow to boil for 2 minutes. Switch off the gas. Garnish with the roasted cashew bits.
  8.  Payasam is ready to serve.


  1. Fine rava or broken wheat rava both can be used for this payasam (godshe)
  2. As it is jackfruit season i have used jackfruit to this payasam. If you do not have jackfruit just skip that and  proceed with the later steps  .
  3. I have used tender cashews so I avoided roasting.I stead I cooked them along with the jackfruit.
  4. Store bought coconut milk or milk powder can be used.If milk powder is used then dilute it with 3-4 cups of water.
  5. This payasam tends to thicken as it cools down.So let the payasam be of a running consistency,so that it reaches the correct texture while serving.
  6. If it becomes thick then add 1/2 or 1 cup of hot cows milk.

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