Nanchano/Ragi Vodis

                    Vodis or sun dried fritters are  very much a part of GSB Cuisine , Summer time is – when the sun is at its  fiercest – is the time many venture out on to their terraces – early in the morning  with their vodis batter and spread out the vodis , The sun plays its part in quickly drying them out . This is made in large quantities to be stored in air tight containers . So that whenever a need arises . the vodis are just fried and used for making nanchonya  Uslis,
                 This recipe for the vodis & pics have been so kindly provided by my dear friend –Jayanthi Kamath .  Thank you so much for this  Jayanthiakka
 So lets see how to make these vodis
 Ingredients –
  • 1 cup of  the whole  nanchano , Ragi / Finger millet .
  • 1 tsp of hing
  • Chopped green chillies – as per your spice level
  •  1 tsp of mustard seeds
  • Salt – just a little

Method :-

Soak the nanchano overnight ,
 Next morning grind this in a mixer to a smooth liquid adding sufficient amounts of water . Now strain this milky liquid with a strainer or a clean white cloth  to remove the husk .
Do this two more times so that you get a smooth batter without any husk . Collect the batter & discard the husk .
Now measure the batter in to a thick bottomed  kadai. This was 3 cups of juice. so add same amount of water . So now added to it little salt and 3 cups of hot water.
Keep the kadai on the medium flame and keep stirring till it becomes thick as shown in the  video below .

Now add a teaspoon of hing dissolved in a little water , Mix well and then switch of the gas and let it cool. In between keep stirring the batter , so that no lumps are formed. When it is almost cool add chopped green Chillies  and a little mustard and mix thoroughly . You can start spreading the vodis with your hands by dropping small amounts on a cloth or a plastic sheet as shown in the pic below . You may not need a spoon.

Let this dry for  a day in the sun . Usually they will detach on their own after a day in the hot sun . Next day keep the under side up so that part too dries well ,. Totally you may need  4-5 days of sun drying ( according to the severity of the sun in your place )  to have them crisp .
Here is a pic of the sun dried vodis
Store them in an air tight container when completely cool  . and use as per your needs to make usli .
Notes :- 
  1.  Use only a little salt and not as normal – because the batter will shrink and reduce in size  and so will taste just right & not salty.
  2. Use dry hands while handling the dried vodis .

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