Kappya / tapioca saali tallele

          GSB women have always been very prudent while using any vegetable and keep wasting any part of it to the minimum .Thus we have several varieties of sun dried salted veggie peels  which when fried can be an excellent side dish or an excellent combo with hot Pejj/ rice gruel , Varieties include – almost all that veggie parts that are discarded these days – like Kuvale / Ash gourd peels  , Pumpkin peels and their soft fibre with seeds , mature string bean skins , potato peels  etc,  So here is one that is nowadays hardly known ,- peel of tapioca / kappa / badi kannang . Here is the pic of  tasty fried peels which were first salted & then sundried .
So lets’s see how we can do this , 
Ingredients :-  Peels  of Tapioca and salt to marinate .  Oil to fry the dry peels . 
Method :-
Remove the peels carefully from fresh tapioca . you will see there are two peels – a brown outer one & a thick pink coloured inner one ,,the inner peel is what we will use . You can easily separate the brown from the inner one .
Wash and cut the pink peels into  thin strips . Then drop them in boiling water in which you have about 1 tbsp of salt . ( Salt as per amount of peel . I used peels that I got from 1 kg of tapioca ).
Boil for about 2-3 minutes .and drain off the water . Now spread on a plate or plastic sheet to dry in the sun for about 2-3 days depending on the severity of the sun .
After they have completely dried  . let cool and the transfer to an air tight container , 
              Since I had bought only a small quantity of tapioca ..I had dried only this much amount . So fried it  for our lunch – which was enough  to serve two people . When you are getting  large amounts of tapioca , using up the peels in this way – will prove useful . Even if you are buying only a small quantity ..this wont take much of your time and you can have an excellent dish just for free and you can also have the satisfaction of not wasting and adding to the garbage . 
          So when you want to bite on something crispy ..Just deep fry a handful of these sun dried peels . you can also add a dash of chilli powder on it  for some extra zing ! 

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