Bhenda Upkari

                           We have already documented various upkari recipes in this sharing one more simple upkari i.e stir fry using bhenda i.e lady’s finger. Upkari is used as a side dish and is very easy and quick to make.For other varieties of upkari check our Archives.


  • 1/4th kg of tender bhenda (lady’sfinger / okra)
  • A tbsp or two of oil
  • A tsp of mustard seeds
  • 2 red chillies
  • Sprig of curry leaves
  • A pinch asafoetida (hing)
  • A pinch turmeric powder (haldi)
  • Salt to taste
  • 2-3 Tbsp of coconut
  1. Wash the lady’s finger and wipe them dry using a cloth or paper towel and keep them aside for few minutes until they are dry.
  2. Trim the edges and cut them into medium thick roundels.
  3. Heat oil in a pan / Kadhai , once hot enough simmer the flame and add mustard seeds, once they splutter add curry leaves, and red chillies … then hing and haldi .
  4. Now add the chopped veggie and mix well ..close the lid for few minutes (around 3-4).
  5. Open the lid after 3-4 minutes and add salt and let it cook not close with lid at this stage. Keep stirring in between to avoid burning.
  6. When they are almost done add coconut this stage check for salt and add if required.
  7. Cook till it is done completely and switch off the flame.
   The delicious and healthy bhenda Upkari is ready
  1. Make sure the lady’s finger are completely dry before chopping or else they turn very sticky and also make it difficult to chop.
  2. The cooking time depends upon the thickness of veggie chop accordingly.
  3. Adding haldi and hing is optional but I recommend adding it due to its health benefits and also for the taste and aroma.
  4. Do not cook bhindi with closed lid as it turns very sticky.. I prefer the method as mentioned above ..if you are comfortable with any other method do as per your preference and comfort.
  5. Do not add a single drop of water .

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