Batate Talasani

                                                   Am back with yet another simple stirfry using garlic for seasoning with everyone’s favourite veggie potato. Amma used to do this often and we relished this. Infact it would be finished in no time and now my daughter too love this a lot. I prepare this whenever am out of stock of veggies or am lazy to prepare anything elaborate.Do try this simple stir fry and am sure you and your family will enjoy it just like we do. 


  1. 7-8 potatoes
  2. 10-12 garlic flakes crushed lightly
  3. Chilli powder as per taste and preferred spice level
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Oil as required
  • Wash the potatoes well, peel them and chop them into medium thick finger strips and drop them in water.
  • Heat oil and add the crushed garlic and fry till it gets slightly golden and a nice aroma fills in…switch off or remove the pan from flame and add the chilli powder and stir.
  • Now add the potato strips removing them from water and squeezing them lightly.
  • Transfer the pan over the flame or switch on and mix throughly until the potatoes is well coated with the chilli powder.
  • Add salt and give a mix again..sprinkle some water and cook on low flame ..stirring in between so as to avoid burning until it is done.                                                             

The delicious tasty batate talasani is ready to be served.
  1. I have used both Kashmiri chilli powder and regular one to balance the colour and spice level.
  2. Some prefer it a bit spicy ..adjust the chilli powder as per your preference.
  3. Some prefer to cook it without using that case you need to use more oil .

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