Chevli Sukkelle

               Something crunchy is always nice to have along with lunches- so also with evening tea especially during rainy season ! For long we GSBs are known for not wasting any veggie or fruit . Peels which are usually thrown away by most people are cleverly used to make yummm snacks . Usually in Kerala the long beans/chevli /alsande that we get is very matured and fibrous ..usually they peel it & use only the seeds ..only rarely they get tender ones to make upkari .but instead of throwing it away , they are cut and batter is applied & sun dried . When these are deep fried – they turn out so tasty . not only these peels but peels of Kuvale /ashgourd , dhuddhi/ pumpkin , matured ladies finger , matured beans ,cluster beans / mitkesaang even the stalk of chillies is used this way ..So let’s quickly see how to do these fritters / Saali sukkeles
Ingredients :- 
  • Veggie peels – 1cup
  • Udid dal batter – a handful
  • Green chillies – 1-2
  • Hing – 1/4 tsp
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

  1. Clean and chop the peels into small pieces .
  2. You may remove a handful  from your regular  udid dal batter which you grind for idli & dosas.
  3. Add chopped & crushed green chillies , the hing & salt . Remember to add less salt or else  when these peels dry – they will become very salty .
  4. Apply the batter to the peels evenly , spread out on a plate or plastic sheet and keep out under  the hot sun to dry.
5. Since I get very tender beans here I chose the most matured ones in the lot , and applied the batter
6. After a day in the sun , I turned them so that they dry out evenly , on the third day – they had dried out fully , I had added some ladies finger too . After they are cool – store them in an airtight container . Keep making  these even in small batches whenever you get peels and soon you will have a large variety of Sukkelles.

So whenever you crave for something crunchy , just bring these out & deep fry . Now enjoy with your meal or with your tea !
Note :- 
You may sun dry these peels as plain too especially the kuvale & dhuddhi peels . you can add the seeds too . Apply salt and keep for some time . when they let out water you can sun dry and then stock them .

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