Batate Happolu

                     Fries with amchi jevan is always an integral part  of it ! No jevan feels complete until you have some crunch while you are enjoying  the most delicious curries & side dishes & when it is Battata happolu – there is no denying the pleasure ! And when it is homemade – the pleasure is double . So make Batata happolu “while the sun is shining “.
Here is a step by step recipe with pics  shared by my dear FB friend – Chitra Shenoy akka  .Thanks a ton to you for sharing the recipe & the pics!

Ingredients :-

  • Potato  – 1kg
  • White rice –  3/4kg
  • Red chillies – 15 nos.
  • Hing  – a chana size
  • Salt to taste

Method :-

Soak the rice for three hours , Then wash and grind along with the chillies to a fine batter of  dosa consistency . Add the salt too and mix well .
pic courtesy – Jayalaxmi Bhat
Heat a pedavan /steaming vessel and keep the batter in it ..
Steam for about 20 minutes .
pic courtesy – Jayalaxmi Bhat
Pressure cook the potatoes for four whistles . Peel them when a little cooler . Now for the next step we need a shevai press like the one shown in the pic below .
pic – courtesy – Jayalaxmi Bhat
Add the potato pieces and press to get a smooth potato mash .
Add the potato mash to the rice batter .
Mix well and add salt if required .
Knead the dough and make small balls of it .
Now apply oil on a plastic sheet and keep in a chapati presser .
Keep the ball in between and using the presser make a flat disc
Remove it to a large sheet  which you will be using to dry all the happolu
Repeat this with all the balls and keep the rolled out happolus on the sheet a little distance from each other ,
Keep under the sun until they have turned crisp without any moisture on them .

Let cool first before you stock them in an air tight container . Take the required quantity as & when needed and deep fry to enjoy this crisp kurkuri treat !

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