Pumpkin leaves Pathravodo

                         All GSB’s are bound by their common favourite and signature dish of the community – the Pathravodo ! You can find the recipe for the most famous one made with Tera or  Arvi leaves here , For those who can’t get hold of Tera pann/Taro leaves  can satisfy their taste buds with Palak Pathravodo , Here is yet another one with Pumpkin leaves / Dhuddhini paan which is as tasty and without the itch  that tera pann sometimes gives . So let’s chk the recipe –

Ingredients :- 

    • Large Pumpkin leaves – About 30 nos
    • Raw rice ( soaked for 2 hours) – 500 gms
    • Coconut   small (grated) – 1
    • Red chilies –  20 or more as per your taste
    • Tamarind  –  lemon sized ball   or Karmbal (star fruit) –  6 big.or Bimbul / birmikarmbal- 10 nos
    • Hing – 1/2 tsp
    • Turmeric powder 1 tsp.
    • Salt to taste.

 Method :- 

1.Wash the leaves thoroughly & let the water drain from them .
2. Grind  the rice, grated coconut, red chillies , karambal pieces/tamarind,   together to a not so fine , medium thick  paste . ( I had dried Bimbul / birmikarmbal – you can use that also or fresh ones too ..OR you may use dried Karmbal too )
3. Add hing, salt and turmeric powder & mix well
4.Now the batter is ready .
5. Now apply the batter over the back side of each leaves, arranging  it one over  another.
6. After 10  leaves or more fold one of the  sides inner wards and apply little batter on it
Fold the other side similarly .
Now  roll it length wise using both your hands .
Keep aside.
Do this with the other leaves – so that you now have about 3 rolls
Stack the  Pathravodo rolls ( Lolos) in a Pedavan or Cooker ( without the whistle ) .
Steam for about 40 minutes or until done .
 ( A knife pierced in it should come out clean)
Switch of the gas and open the lid and keep it open for a while.

Dhuddhiye panna Pathravodo is ready.  Cut into pieces when a little cooler .  Serve hot after drizzling  raw Coconut oil over the pieces .

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