Donne Mirsange Khotto (stuffed capsicums)

                                               Today  I am sharing one of my favourite dish using Capsicums. Though  I am not sure why this dish is named so but we can say this is our version of stuffed capsicums which might be influenced from Northern states or the Konkan coast of neighboring state Maharashtra.This is the dish which I like when my amma prepares it and it has been a favourite since my childhood and I am sure you all will like it too .  So do try and enjoy.
  1. 10 -12 thin skinned small variety capsicums
  2. 3/4 th to 1 cup of gram flour / besan
  3. 3-4 tbsp of rice flour
  4. Salt to taste
  5. A pinch of  turmeric powder
  6. A tsp or two of chilli powder
  7. A generous pinch of hing
  8. A tbsp of tamarind extract
  9. 1-2 onions chopped 
  10. A tsp of mustard seeds
  11. Oil as required
Wash the capsicums and remove the stem.
Make a slit like the + mark  at the bottom keeping the capsicums intact near the stem part and deseed them properly.
  • Take a bowl and dissolve the hing with a bit of water..add the flours,salt, haldi and chilli powders,tamarind extract,chopped onion and mix well using water as required to form a thick paste should resemble a batter..not too thick and nor too watery.
  • Stuff this batter like paste in the capsicums carefully using hands or a spoon taking care to see that the capsicums remain whole and intact without breaking.
  • Heat oil in a wide non stick pan/kadhai and add the mustard seeds .
  • Once they splutter simmer the flame and arrange the stuffed capsicums neatly one by one …sprinkle some water and close with a lid and allow to cook them in their own steam.
  • This will take around 10-15 minutes depending upon the size and their thickness.
                      After 10-12 minutes remove the lid and slowly flip the capsicums and check if the capsicums are roasted well..if yes then let them cook on other side till nicely roasted and crisp.if not keep it for few more minutes and then flip them .
Do not close the lid once you flip them but allow them to roast again for  8-10 minutes.
Once the capsicums are roasted to nice crisp ones on both sides..they are done.
Remove on a serving dish or plate and serve hot as a side dish with
your meals or enjoy as such with a cup of tea or coffee
  1. Thin skinned small variety capsicums are best suited for this but you may use the large ones too if the small variety is not available.
  2. The stuffing should not be too runny but should be as such that it can be easily stuffed inside.
  3. Check for salt and seasonings before stuffing as once the dish is done it is not possible to add.
  4. The cooking time depends on the size and the thickness of the capsicums.
  5. Oil is required a bit more than what we usually use to get that desired crispiness.
  6. If any  batter remains even after stuffing.. just pour it carefully on each capsicums once you arrange them in the pan.
  7. While flipping the capsicums check if the batter inside has cooked completely .
  8. The capsicums tastes good when they are nicely roasted on both sides..almost like charred ones as you can see in the pictures above ..they should be super crisp on outside and soft inside.
  9. I personally prefer it this way ..if you want you can roast it a bit less but make sure the besan stuffing has cooked really well.

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