Bette Koddel

                             Koddel is a dish which is always made with coconut and there are many Koddel recipes in this blog which can be found in Archives under the category Main Curry .Today I am here with a recipe which is also called koddel but very different as it does not uses coconut.This is almost a forgotten dish now in my family as this was prepared by my late maternal aunt and used to be my favourite.I had completely forgotten about this until my cousin reminded me  and I have been preparing it since last couple of years now.This time I thought of sharing it here in the blog so that everyone of you can try it.A very simple recipe which uses seasonal favourite jack fruit seeds.
  1. 1 medium sized Madras Cucumber(magge) chopped 
  2. A big handful of jackfruit seeds crushed or chopped into medium size pieces.
  3. 2 onions chopped (need not be too fine)
  4. 6-7 flakes of garlic
  5. A tbsp of tamarind extract
  6. 2-3 tbsp of chilli powder or as required
  7. Oil a tbsp (preferably coconut)
  8. A tsp or two of rice flour
  9. Salt to taste
  • Pressure cook the chopped cucumber pieces and the jackfruit seeds for 2 whistles or until cooked .
  • Heat oil in a pan and add the garlic flakes lightly crushed
  • Fry and add chopped onions but do not brown it.
  • Once they are slight pink add the chilli powder, stir and immediately add the tamarind extract and saute .
  • Now add the pressure cooked seed and the veggie along with the water..add salt and simmer.
  • Mix the rice flour into water and make a lump free paste.
  • Add this paste to the pan,check for salt  and stir so that it is mixed well and does not form a lump.
  • Boil for 10-12 minutes or until the gravy slightly thickens.
  • Once the gravy is thickened..swicth off the flame and keep it covered for some time so that the flavours seep in.                       
 Have it as a side dish along with rice and dal or even with pejj(rice gruel/kanji)


  1. The taste of the dish should be slightly tangy and slightly spicy along with the sweetness of the jackfruit seeds.
  2. Adjust the chilli powder as per your spice preference.
  3. I have peeled the cucumber but you can use it unpeeled too if you prefer.
  4. Adjust the riceflour as per the quantity of the curry and the veggies used.
  5. The consistency should be thick but free flowing .

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