Jeeva beeye/ bibbo Kuttumman

                                        Jeeva Bee / Bibbo or Tender Cashews are a very prized ingredient in amchi GSB Cuisine ! This is so popular and craved by all that they are ready to pay hefty sums for fresh tender cashews .This is available only for a limited time just before summer starts .in the months of March to April and so they try to make maximum number of dishes when it’s available .  So for Ugadi this forms an integral part of the festive menu . You can find many recipes of tender cashews in this blog . Kerala GSB’s make this tasty Kuttumman  when they get fresh tender cashews . here is the recipe :-

Ingredients :-
  1. Jeeva Bee / Bibbo  – 1/2 cup or as much as you want 😉
  2. Drumstick – 1 medium sized
  3. Ash Gourd /Kuvale – 1 medium piece 
  4. Magge or Coloured Cucumber – 1 medium piece 
  5. Colcassia/mande – 1/2 cup of chopped pieces 
  6. Potato – 1 medium sized 
  7. Brinjal – 1 medium sized 
  8. Chilli Flakes – 1 tsp or as per spice level ( can also use green chillies instead ) 
  9. Hing – 1/2 tsp 
  10. Mustard – 1tsp
  11. Curry leaves – few 
  12. Salt to taste 
  13. Coconut oil for seasoning 

Method :- 

Peel the brown skin of the tender cashews  by hand and wash carefully .Peel and chop all the other veggies , It’s ok if you miss out on one or two veggies 
In a pan add the chopped drumstick , Ash gourd , potato , mande , magge ,Add salt and just enough water to cook them .
When they are half cooked add the brinjal and the tender cashews . Cover and continue cooking till done .
Sprinkle the chilli flakes now and mix well . If you want to add the green chillis you can add them along with the brinjal
Heat the oil in a kadai and splutter the mustard. Switch off and add the hing and curry leaves .  Now pour them over the cooked veggies ,  
Your Kuttumman is ready to be relished . 
Note :- 
You can store fresh tender cashews in the freezer for more than a year . They keep well if stored in sealed plastic covers . 
You can serve this as a dry dish or retain some of the water . Either way it tastes good !

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