Chevli/Bagdo theppal galnu Gashi

                    Chevli/Bagdo gabbo,teppal galnu Gashi. This is a no onion no garlic traditional amchi curry specially made on the occasion of any amchi functions like wedding,u panayanam etc.You can make this curry with any pulses like Jainauro,thingalauro,kulithu and by adding,surnu,magge and kooka(chinese potato).etc . Adding of teppal gives a unique flavour to the dish . This recipe and pictures are courtesy my dear friend – Veena Nayak  .Let’s check the recipe –
  1. Chevli /Cow pea/ Bagdo – 1/2 cup 
  2. 15 to 20  –  teppals
  3. Grated  coconut – 3/4 of a medium one
  4. 1 small piece of banana stem 
  5. 5  – big sized bimbul/hog plums (optional) or a small gooseberry size tamarind
  6. 9  – Red chilles 
Method :-
  • Soak the Pulse in water overnight 
  • Wash well the teppal,remove the seeds,soak in water and keep aside. 
  • Cut and clean  the banana stem / gabbo
  • Roast the chillies in a little oil.
Pressure cook  the chevli,bimbul and gabbo for about  20 minutes.  
Grind together to a smooth  masala  – the coconut and chillies adding a little water 
Transfer  it to a bowl .
Now add the soaked teppal in the mixer jar and grind well and strain it 
Now add the flavored water into the masala. be careful not to add the teppal skin as otherwise the curry will become sour.
Now add the masala to the cooked chevli,required water,salt and boil well.
Once it is boiled – switch off the gas and drizzle raw coconut oil.
Enjoy with hot rice . 

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