Kanangacho Happolu / Sweet potato Pappads

                                   Hot days are here again ! So get ready to make some more vodis & happolus . Here is another recipe of happolu made with Sweet Potato – a sweet snack which need not be fried but can be eaten as such along with some fresh coconut bits .Kids will love to eat this and proves to be a healthy snack ! This recipe and pics is courtesy my dear friend  –  Namo Jayalaxmi Bhat . So let’s go to the recipe – 
Ingredients :- 
  1. Sweet Potato / Kanang / Chinikanang – 1 kg 
  2. Jaggery –  about 250 gms  ( or as per taste )
  3. Cardamom powder –  1tsp 

Method :-

Wash the sweet potato to remove traces of dirt . Then cut into medium sized pieces . Place in a steamer to cook till soft for about 20 minutes .
After the  pieces  have cooled . take out the sweet potato and peel the skin. Grate it .
Now add the jaggery & Cardamom powder .  The dough should be  very sweet . so add jaggery accordingly.
Mix thoroughly to make a smooth soft dough . Pinch out small balls of the dough.
Now place a ball of the dough on a plastic sheet greased with ghee in the roti maker press and press to make  a small papad , If you do not have a roti maker . you can place the dough in between two greased sheets of paper and then place a heavy object to press. 
Spread out the papads  on a sheet under the sun & let dry .
A day’s strong sunshine is enough for these papads to dry .
Once dry , let cool and then store in  an air tight container .  Roll the papad with some pieces of fresh coconut  and relish 

Notes :- 
  1. Only steam cook the sweet potatoes ..as the gratings should be as dry as possible .
  2. Add jaggery as needed .as sweetness of Kanang varies , add enough to make it very sweet.

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