Bimbla Adgayi

                            There are many spicy dishes in this blog  – you can check here . Here is yet another spicy dish by my dear friend  Priya R Shenoy . It’s called Bimbla Adgayi ( tha’s how her mother calls it ! ) , this is a spicy and tangy dish enhanced by the mild  sweetness imparted by  onion ! So when you get some fresh Hog plums / bimuls / birmi karmbals –  you can try this out !

Ingredients :-

  1. Bimbuls / hog plums – 8 to 10 
  2. Onion – 1 large 
  3. Red Chillies  – 7 to 8 ( or as per your taste )
  4. Coriander seeds – 1 Tbsp 
  5. Salt to taste 
  6. Coconut oil –  1 tbsp 

Method :- 

  • Clean and chop the hog plums . Slice the onion . 
  • Cook the hog plums and onion in sufficient water adding the salt . 
  • Roast the red chiliies & coriander seeds separately . 
  • Grind this to a smooth paste using a little water . 
  • Add this to the boiled hog plums .
  • Simmer till it thickens slightly  and then switch off. 
  • Pour raw coconut oil on top and keep covered for some time so that the flavours and aroma is contained . 
  • Serve with rice as a side dish or with any other dish of your choice . 

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