Sakkkare Hapollu

                                            Gonvache ( Wheat) Sakkare Happolu  is a very traditional snack which used to be made to feed the many hungry kids in a large joint family .This healthy snack used to keep the children quiet for some time as they enjoyed munching on it ! Now that it is summer time – you can easily try this out . Also a good & healthy alternative to all the junk foods available now ! The credit for recipe & pics goes to my dear friend – Namo Jayalaxmi Bhat ! So here is the recipe – 
Ingredients :-
  1. Whole wheat – 3 cups 
  2. Sugar – 2 & 1/4 cup 
  3. Kesar or yellow food colour – as needed 
  4. Salt – a pinch 
  5. Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Method :-

Soak wheat in water for more than a day ,,changing water two to three times atleast .
Grind this in a mixer using some water .Sieve it to ensure a smooth even paste .
Best option is to grind it in late evening so that the batter can  rest for the night . 
In the morning throw away the water which has collected at the top  leaving only the thick residue behind , Now add about one litre of fresh water along with the sugar &  kesar /  food color to the residue . The batter consistency should be thin  and not thick  , Mix well so that the sugar has completely dissolved in the batter and steam for about 30 minutes . You will get a dough of this consistency like in the pic below 
Knead the dough well. Add the cardamom powder and knead again  to mix it ,
Now shape into small balls .
Now roll out into small pappad sizes using a rooling pin & board . 
 You can also use a Roti Presser to make even shaped & sized ones . 
Lay them out in the sun  to dry.
When dry  stack them & keep in air tight boxes , You need not deep fry these . It can be eaten as such . 250 gms of wheat will yield about 40 happolus . 

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