Charmbura/ Charmurya Undo

Puffed rice laddoos or charmuro/charmurya undos are a popular sweet with all people young & old . These are easy to make since they need just three ingredients – Puffed rice , jaggery & a little ghee . The main criteria for this is the quality of jaggery and the two string stage of the melted jaggery . You need to get jaggery used for making chikki ( check the video below, or the picture in the notes ). Follow the steps for the two string stage or soft ball stage as its called & you can’t go wrong in making these tasty ondos .

Ingredients :-

  • Puffed rice /charmburo – 4 cups
  • Jaggery powdered – 3/4 cups
  • Water – 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder – a pinch
  • Dry Ginger powder – 1/2 tsp ( optional)
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp & for greasing
  • Rice flour (fine powder ) – little for dusting

Method :-

  1. Ensure that the puffed rice is clean of dust & impurities . you may winnow or sieve it to clean .
  2. It should be very crisp for the undos to remain crisp . so dry roast on low flame – stirring continuously till it is very crisp . Do this on low flame only to ensure it does not burn or blacken .
  3. Now in a thick bottomed kadai add the water and jaggery. If you see impurities – filter the jaggery water and then proceed to heat it . Add 1 tbsp ghee. also keep one or two small bowls of water ready by your side to check the soft ball stage .
  4. Boil vigorously on high heat , When you see it thicken , reduce to low flame and proceed cautiously .
  5. Add the cardamom powder & dry ginger (optional ) .
  6. To know if it has reached the two string stage , drop a little of the jaggery syrup in a bowl of water .
  7. If it has reached the two string /soft ball stage . the dropped syrup will harden immediately & you will be able to roll it into a ball .
  8. If it has not , continue heating on low flame till it reaches so ,
  9. Once you are sure the stage has been reached , drop the puffed rice , little by little and mixing well .
  10. When all the puffed rice has been added , mix again so that all of it has been coated uniformly with the jaggery syrup.
  11. Switch off flame now and wait till it has cooled just a little and bearable for you to roll into balls .
  12. Now smear your hands well with ghee & dust your hands with the rice flour. This will help you handle the heat – since they have to be rolled when they are still hot. Now scoop a little of the mixture to form a ball. At first make the balls roughly and quickly. You can roll them out perfectly after first using up the mixture .
  13. If it has turned cold and you are not able to finish rolling – slightly heat and now roll again quickly .

Notes :-

  1. Always use good quality jaggery meant for this type only .
  2. Make sure you have reached the soft ball stage correctly . If you add the puffed rice before it has reached you will not be able to roll out the balls
  3. If it has gone beyond the stage also the syrup will harden & you cannot roll properly.
  4. If you cannot handle the heat & roll quickly – you may just grease a plate with ghee & spread the mixture evenly like rice crispies and cut into desired shapes .
  5. The colour of the jaggery affects the colour of the undos ,so if you choose a litlle darker your undos will be more coloured.
  6. Remember to keep the flame Lowest when the jaggery is nearing the required stage .

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