Tamblle Puddi

                         This is  used by Konkanis instead of pickles or sometimes along with the pickles &  also served during functions . It goes well with watery rice ( Pejj ) Add a happolu , any veggies and a dal as an accompaniment and you have a meal that  is simple yet so nutritious and very relishing. Invigorates the taste buds of convalescents.
 This can be made in  larger quantities as it keeps well when stored properly.
  • Mature dry coconut-1(medium)
  • Chana dal -250gms
  • Urad dal – 250gms
  • Coriander / dhaniya seeds -100gms,
  • Red chillies -12 or more as per taste
  • Tamarind-1 lemon size,
  • Salt to taste
  • Curry leaves-a small  bunch.
Method :-
  1. Roast grated coconut,chillies and curry leaves together to a nice golden brown.
  2. Roast the dals and coriander seeds separately. When cool grind the dals and coriander to fine powder.
  3. After you have roasted the dals – add the tamarind & salt in the hot kadai  ( no need of flame ) – so that all the moisture is lost ,
  4. Dry grind the fried coconut mixture in a mixer till smooth & oil separates.
  5. Add tamarind and salt and grind again.
  6. Transfer the masala onto a large vessel
  7. Add the ground powder little by little and mix well.
  8. Store in sun dried containers .
  9. If you have the Masolu in stock , then you need to only add the dals , tamarind , curry leaves & salt .
Note :–
  1. Care should be taken that all ingredients are dry ,all vessels handled are sun dried & hands are totally dry !
  2. For daily use ..transfer a small amount into a small container  always using a dry spoon .

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