Karathe Pathrodo

                                           Karathe Pathrodo (Bitter Gourd )

                 Pathrodo is normally a GSB dish prepared with colocassia leaves. But this dish has neither got connection with the leaves nor it matches its  recipe. But still my great grand mom called it as “karatha pathrodo ” ..( dont know why !!!! ) …but trust me its as delicious as d pathrodo.. Its a must try recipe for all bitter gourd fans..
1. Bitter gourd   – 2
2. Red chilli powder – as per your spice level.. 4 to 5 tsp
3 Hing    – 1 tsp
4.Tamarind pulp  – 2 tsp

Method :-

  • Make medium sized slices of the bitter gourd.Apply salt and keep for half an hour.Later squeeze out the bitter juice out of it.
  • Later add some salt and cook them adding sufficient water. Turn off when they are almost cooked.
  • Discard d water and drain the pieces out of it.
  • Marinate these pieces with the red chilli powder and hing for 15 minutes.
  • Now heat coconut oil in a pan .
  • Season with mustard,urad dal and methi seeds.
  • To this add the marinated bitter gourd .Mix well and now pour the thick tamarind pulp to it.
  • Keep on low flame till they r nicely cooked and the gravy coats the bitter gourd pieces well.
  • Turn off when done.

A tasty …spicy….”pathrodo ” is ready… Enjoy friends….!!!!!!!!

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