Piyava/Losney Vodi

                                    Vodi is a rice based sun dried item.Its known as Kondattam in malayalam,Sandige in Kannada and Vadagam in Tamil.It is usually made by elders in the family for their daughters,daughter in laws and relatives.We make it every year in the summer when the sun is very hot.The stock thus made serves the whole year’s need.
The rice paste is ground with chilly powder and salt and is cooked.It is applied on a plastic sheet and is sun dried.The kids in the house will be in the terrace all the time as they have their vacation at the same time,tasting the raw vodis and eventally say to their elders that they were chasing away the crows.
Just like baby sitting there will be a person to take care of the vodis to protect them from unexpected showers.It takes efforts but the gains are worth it while enjoying the fried crispy vodis during the rainy season.

 Sundried vodi

Ingredients :-

  1. 1/2kg:  Raw Rice
  2. 6 nos:  Onions/3 Garlic pods
  3. 15-20:  Redchillies/Green chillies (can use chilli powder too)
  4. 5 tsps:  Table salt.


  • Soak rice in water for an hour.wash and grind along with the chillies to a fine paste
  • .Add salt.Dilute with 3 litres of water.
  • Cook the mixture,stirring continuously,till the bubbles appear and it thickens enough to make small lumps.
  • Remove from flame.
  • Mix chopped Onion to the masala and keep aside.when the mixture cools prepare vodis by dropping it in small lumps on a polythene paper using your fingers.
  • After laying out all the vodis dry these under hot sun for a day.then turn over and dry the vodis for 5-6 days before storing in an airtight tin.

                                                 Onion Vodi              Garlic Vodi ready to store

Fried vodis

1.Spread polythene sheets on a thick carboard sheet so that it becomes easier to take the sheets in and out while drying.
2.To Prepare Garlic Vodi: Peel the skin of the garlic,and grind it together with the rice or can be crushed and added.
3.This paste can be prepared in the night before sleeping,so that overnight the paste cools down,It will be easy to apply the vodis before the sun comes and can be pulled under the sun when its fully done.

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