Vaali tingalavre bendi

                       Bendi is a typical south canara dish with lots of garlic seasoning .Tingalavro is white navy beans and vaali is malabar spinach  also called as Indian spinach.It is a kalvani randayi i.e used as  an accompaniment with rice. The same curry can be prepared using Kulith i.e horsegram too.Just replace horsegram with navy beans…the procedure and recipe remains same.
    vaali tingalavre bendi
    1. Handful of navy beans/ kulith soaked overnight
    2. 1 bunch of vaali leaves washed and chopped finely
    3. 1 cup coconut 
    4. 5-6 roasted red chillies
    5. A small piece of tamarind
    6. 10 -12 garlic cloves crushed
    7. Oil for tempering
    • Pressure cook the chopped spinach and the navy beans for 3-4 whistles.If using kulith first pressure cook the kulith and then add the spinach and pressure cook again,as kulith takes longer time to cook.
    • Grind coconut along with red chillies and tamarind to a fine paste adding water .
    • Add the boiled pulse and the spinach to the paste and boil it adding salt and water to the desired consistency 
    • Heat oil and add the crushed garlic flakes and fry them till golden.
    • Pour this seasoning over the curry and close the lid for sometime to absorb the flavour.
    • Serve it with rice .

    Below is the picture of the curry using kulith/horsegram .

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