Valval / Yogirathna

                                         “Valval / Yogirathna”…..A born G.S.B never ever keeps away from this dish.  Even though the preparation of Valval differs from Cochinside to Mangalore side, the uniqueness in them is that they love this dish. This is a “satvik dish” served in G.S.B. temples. This is a Mangalore side  style preparation.


  1. Grated coconut… One small coconut
  2. Red Pumpkin……. 1 Cup 
  3. Ash gourd …………..1 Cup..
  4. Potato ……………  1 big.
  5. Arbi (mande) …     1 medium.
  6. Yam……………..  ½ Cup..(  all the above vegetables  to be peeled, washed  &cut  into flat pieces)
  7. Carrot…………….1 medium (peeled washed and cut into small round pieces) 
  8. Chopped tender long beans 5 nos
  9. Green chilly……… 6nos. ( half slit, average size}
  10. Oil……………….. 1 tbsp.
  11. Mustard seeds……..1 tsp.
  12. Cumin seeds………1 tsp.
  13. Curry leaves              few
  14. Tender cashew nuts 10 nos. (peeled and half slit)
  15. Salt ………………   to taste.
                                                       Valval / Yogirathna 
  • Grind the grated coconut and extract the thick milk.
  • Again grind the same coconut adding water and extract the thin milk.
  • Take a medium big pan and boil the thin coconut milk.
  • Cook vegetables in it adding one by one Yam, Potato, Ash gourd, Carrot, Arbi, Pumpkin, long beans, green chilly and tender cashew nuts according to its cooking time.  Add water if necessary.
  • When all the vegetables are cooked evenly add salt and thick coconut milk.
  • Boil it and season with Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds and curry leaves.

               Yummy Valval / Yogirathna is ready and serve hot as main dish in meals.

Key Note
  • Do not  pressure cook the vegetables to avoid over cooking.
  • The consistency of the dish is medium thick and if required add little maida or corn flour dissolved in water to maintain it.
  • You can add little sugar at your will and taste.
  • You can also add other vegetables like Ghosale, tendle, magge etc. and also can skip few from my recipe according to your availability and choice.  

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